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Turning a buyers market into a profit

Pssst. Guess what? Now is a great time to start looking into investing in Real Estate. Price cuts in real estate investments are deepening, and agents are expecting their sellers to bend more than ever this year. This is great news for someone trying to enter the fix and flip game!. Some developers are negotiating sweeteners, like offering to pay transfer taxes or common charges for a year or more. The rental market shows improvement, but uncertainty remains.

And the slowdown has convinced a growing number of developers to get creative with empty apartments — enlisting tech start-ups that flip unleased rental units for extended-stay travelers or turning unused living rooms into makeshift amenities. Others have doubled down on high-end marketing, while some have delayed listing properties altogether. Want to turn that old aprtment complex into a money making airbnb? Now is the time to start looking at potential loans to get started.

Let's take a closer look at the market. If you remember, the real estate crash in 2007-2008 saw prices explode and then suddenly come screeching to a halt. While home prices are continuing to increase at a steady clip, we aren't in the same danger we were a decade ago. "A home that cost $230,400 in 2006 should cost $275,835 in today’s dollars if we correct for inflation. It doesn’t. It costs – on average – $234,900. That’s $40,935 less than the fully indexed price, a figure which means real estate is selling at bargain prices in most markets." Auction.com. The bottom line: Corrected for inflation, homes today typically cost $40,935 less than should be expected. Not only that, but even with today’s inflated dollars you’ll pay $235 less per month for ownership. If you've been on the fence trying to decide when the right time is to jump into real-estate investing, contact us now and we can walk you through the loan process and what steps to take to start your new career!

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